Visual Studio C++ Language LoadLibrary Sample Snippet

While specific instructions are given here for Visual Studio, the wh32.dll should be useable by any C++ compiler. 

There are 2 ways you can use our library in a c++ program.  One of them is the static  method.  In this method you link your program to a .lib file (provided with our package). 


All structures you will need are defined in our online manual or in the  header file wh32.h supplied with the library.

  Dim month As Long
  Dim day As Long
  Dim year As Long
  End Structure
  Dim struct_size As Long
  Dim error_return As Long
  Dim state As Long
  Dim muni_type As Long
  Dim prompt_number As Long
  Dim desired_entry As Long
  Dim number_of_entries As Long
  Dim muni_number As Long
  Dim calc_number As Long
End Structure

Function Declarations

You must declare the Withholding32 functions you will use. The first time you actually call one of these functions it will be loaded into memory by the operating system. Here is an example.
Declare Function WH32_Get_Prompt Lib "libwh32.dll" (ByRef id As WITHHOLDING_TAXBODY_ID, ByVal ss As String) As Long

Build Additions

Besides the .dll file we provide we also provide a .lib file. The wh32.lib file is used in this passive method.  You link the wh32.lib file at build time and then the wh32.dll library will be loaded automatically by your application at run time.  To link the wh32.lib file you do the following:

1)  In your Projects "Properties/Linker/General/Additional Library Directores" add an entry to point to the location of wh32.lib
2)  In your Projects "Properties/Linker/Input/Additional Dependencies" add the name wh32.lib

Then build your application normally.  At runtime you must make the file wh32.dll available in the same folder as your executable.  It will be loaded automatically.

Sample Execution Code

Here is a code snippet which shows how you would actually use one of the Withholding32 functions. This particular snippet sets up an array of county names and calculation codes for Marylang. Note that it is required that any structure with a 'struct-size' member be filled in correctly before calling the function.
Public Const WH32_MARYLAND As Short = 25                                 'c language wh32.h has all defined
Dim l As Long
Dim numberofthem As Long
Dim i As Long

thenam = "                                                             " 'pass at least 60 char blank
wid.struct_size=Len(wid)                                                 'required
wid.state = WH32_MARYLAND
wid.muni_type = 0
wid.desired_entry = 0
l = WH32_Get_Prompt(wid, thenam)                                         ' get number of entries
numberofthem = wid.number_of_entries
For i = 0 To numberofthem - 1
  wid.desired_entry = i
  l = WH32_Get_Prompt(wid, thenam)
  county_calc_number(i) = wid.calc_number