Withholding32 Escrow Option

For the ultimate reliability we offer Escrow storage of our software.  Our DLL is written using Microsoft Visual Studio C++.  Our WebAPI app is written in PHP.  Both will be escrowed.  Escrow storage allows you get get copies of our source if we go out of business or can not deliver new versions.  We recommend Tower48 for escrow services. However we can usually use the Escrow Service of your choice if requested

Escrow procedure
    Pay fee (You pay the Escrow Service Fee plus our one time setup fee of $1000 and out annual maintenance fee of $250). Your regular license duration might need to be adjusted to match Escrow period.
    Optionally, receive a copy of our Visual Studio 2010 project (it is the regular project we use minus data)
    If needed, exercise option to retrieve software from Escrow

Escrow Services must be setup individually.  When you are ready to order and want Escrow Services contact us here for specific instructions.